Testimonial Star Rating - 1263804
by Karen Horn - 11/7/2019
Friendly and attentive
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1234264
by Hilz - 10/17/2019
I have recently started seeing Jessica, the PA for a skin reaction I’ve been experiencing. She takes her time to listen to me and does a great job explaining what is going on and how she is going to treat it. You can tell she really cares about her patients. I have never waited more than a few minutes to be called back for my appointment. I always arrive 15 minutes early, as they request, so that might be why. Everyone has always been very pleasant to me at the front desk and nursing staff wise. I really like this office and will continue to go there for any skin related issues in the future.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1215656
by Christina Block - 10/8/2019
My Dad recently started going to SkinMD and was seen by Jessica, the Physician Assistant. She was very thorough and made him feel comfortable. You can tell she loves her job and is good at what she does! My Dad feels confident in the healthcare providers at SkinMD.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1183668
by Paulina Mitera - 9/18/2019
This was my first time coming to the med spa for a mole removal. I saw Jessica Petreski PA-C and she was very professional and helpful in making any decisions. She made me feel very comfortable in the removal process and was very quick. I Will most definitely recommend Jessica Petreski PA and the spa to friends and family and will be back for more services that they offer.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1175949
by Monique B. - 9/12/2019
Hello, Well I wanted to take the time out to but up a review of my personal experience with skin MD. I had gotten a tattoo with my little brother and my Auntie name. They both passed away about 9 months apart, and they both meant the world to me. So I was really sad when my tattoo started to keloid. Out of all the tattoos that I have, and I do have a lot of them, why this one!!!! So needless to say I made a appointment with Skin MD. Not knowing what to expect. From my first visit everyone has been AMAZING!!!! Then I met Dr. Nick Birchers and 2 of his beautiful Assistants. Let's just say I feel like I've know them for years. They've done nothing but made me feel comfortable. They always go over and beyond to answer any questions or concerns. So guys from me to you all. Thank you so much for saving my favorite tattoo you guys will always have my appreciation to the max....
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1174480
by Peggy K. - 9/11/2019
Today I went back for my first check up after my skin cancer surgery. The two ladies at the front desk were extremely kind. Well mannered and polite. I sat in the waiting room. I WAITED 2 MINUTES then I was called in. Baily the young lady that took care of me was very kind. She educated me on my incision. How to care for it, how we will move forward from here. These are very compassionate people, Decent and kind. These are who you want when you go through skin cancer on your face.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1225035
by Peggy K. - 9/10/2019
I went to a free skin cancer screening by a completely different dermatologist. I was told I should see a doctor. The doctor who sponsored this didn't take my insurance. This turned out to be the best thing that could happen to me. This is how I met Dr. Bielinski and his fabulous staff. Two things about Dr. Bielinski, he kept an office in Evergreen Park, he didn't just pick up and move to Orland Park and leave everyone behind. This tells me he cares, he is a good person. Do not miss understand me he has a beautiful office in Orland Park, it was fabulous. Next insurance, the doctor takes my insurance. It is very easy for a doctor to only take the best of the best insurance companies. A true humanitarian cares about everyone, this is what I found in Dr. Bielinski. My first appointment was in Evergreen Park with a PA named Micheal and his MA named Stefania. Lets talk about this right away. I am a big believer in seeing the Physician's Assistant. I have a great many reasons. To keep it simple I will say this, they have the same exact education as the doctor does. The difference one of them rents the building the other doesn't. No Im kidding, there are other differences. Ask questions. I asked Michael a lot of questions, he spent time answering all of them as did Stefania when I asked her questions. These two jobs are relatively new to the public and the people who have them understand this, they want to be successful, they want to be the best they can be. These two are. Give them a try, ask what ever you want, kick the tires so to speak, lol. I was completely satisfied that this man could slice a piece of skin from my cheek and send it in to pathology. He did it perfect. The skin tissue was sent for a biopsy. I am using the "C" word CANCER. I want to make this clear. At no time did Dr. Bielinski or any member of his staff ever use the word cancer. They used proper medical terminology at all times, when they did they defined the word or handed me a pamphlet describing what they were talking about. I was kept educated and comfortable at all times. Cancer is a very scary word, he and his staff wanted me calm at all times. I am using it here so that we all have a clear picture of what I went through, it was scary you need to know that. The phone call comes. I have skin cancer. The women who called could not have been nicer to me. She had to relay a great deal of information to me as she did so she kept asking if I was ok, how are you doing etc. ... Very professional. She was well aware she just gave me very shocking and life changing news. We ended with you will get a letter with complete instructions in the mail, I did. The letter told me every single thing that I needed to know, what was going to happen and where. What to bring. Most of all how long I would be there! There were no surprises! I was in the best frame of mind I could be for a woman who is going to have skin cancer surgery on her cheek. The entire time I was in his office every single member of his staff was excellent. They all spoke in low even tones so they didn't unnerve me. They kept checking and asking how I was. I can not say enough about these people. They all work with complete compassion for the patient. They understood I was in one of the most stressful scary times of my life. Believe me when you are told you have skin cancer on your cheek you know you are never going to look the same again. You are scared to death about what is going to happen. Every emotion is running at you at once. These are the people you want around you at this time! From the receptionist to the doctor everyone of them was the utmost professional. I want to touch on another topic here. TIME, waiting. I was told on the very first call that the doctor blocked 8 hours for this procedure, for me. Next I got a letter telling me what to bring because the doctor blocked 8 hours for this. I was grateful this man was in no hurry to cure my cancer. I brought plenty of things to keep me busy in the waiting room. I was told I would be in the waiting room waiting for pathology results. The entire process didn't take any where near this long. If it did, so what. I had cancer that was a fact, how much cancer is the mystery. How many times will the doctor have to remove a sample and send it to pathology was the unknown. All I did know was this, the last people on earth I want rushing to shorten the time I was sitting there was the doctor and pathologist. In my opinion pathology TAKE YOUR TIME, check every thing, every cell. I will sit patiently and wait. NO rush. My life is valuable, my face is valuable to me. I did not care how long it took. I did not care how long I waited to find out I no longer had cancer on my face. Everyone take your time. Again I cant say enough positive things about this doctor and his staff. The best thing I can say is today I am cancer free :)
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1090638
by Leroy McCormick - 7/3/2019
Couldn't be happier with Dr. Bielinski and Nick. Entire staff and facility exceed expectations.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1031335
by Gloria Schultz - 5/13/2019
Love Nicholas Borchers! He listens and truly enjoys his job and was extremely knowledgeable and definitely is there to help the patient resolve their issues.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1014261
by Laura Duckett - 4/30/2019
Such a great experience! I highly recommend seeing Nicholas Borchers, PA-C, MMS. He is meticulous during treatment to reduce the chance of any scarring at all! I could not be more thankful!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1005927
by M HR - 4/23/2019
I’ve been going to SkinMD for over 2 years now over at their Orland Park location. I just recently visited their new Evergreen Park location and let me just tell you - it was a great experience! The front desk staff were very friendly and the nursing staff & PA Borchers were not only knowledgable, but also very caring and attentive to my needs (and, I have a boat load!). Overall (and as always), my visit was more than top notch. I appreciate when medical staff don’t try to rush through appointments even when they are behind - this office has this very motto and genuinely cares for their patients. Thank you, SkinMD!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 974822
by carla white - 3/29/2019
Was seen today in the office and was very happy with my service. Ashley R. Was great to talk to made me Very comfortable with my condition. Dr Nicholas Borchers was just as awesome.Great feel when I was in the office Very satisfied
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Testimonial Star Rating - 936367
by Marian Reidy - 2/22/2019
Saw Beth today she's GREAT explains everything, makes it a comfortable experious will definetly be going back
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Testimonial Star Rating - 929053
by Charles Penders - 2/15/2019
Great staff, caring, and knowledgeable. See Beth, she’s willing to explain your skin care needs.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 918526
by Ginger K - 2/4/2019
I have been here several times within the last year. Dr. Beilinski was wonderful towards me and took very good care of me. The surgeries had great outcomes. Nick is great at being aggressive in preventing these surgeries again. I would definetly recommend!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 918529
by Andrea Bolger - 1/31/2019
Today was the day I finally took the big plunge and recieved some injections into my forehead. Beth was very curtious, professional and friendly. Which made myself feel more comfortable with the decision to recieve botox as I am approaching 40. Nick is who I recieved the treatment from was genuinely fantastic at what he does. There was NO wait and the reception desk and the whole facility was very clean! Thank you for such a wonderful experience. #1
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853765
by L45 Henchel - 10/20/2018
I found the check in process quick and painless, the wait to see the doctor short and the doctor and staff very kind and thoughtfil.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047474
by Juliw S. - 10/5/2018
The receptionist was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend the Estheticians Beth and Megan. The Estheticians were very knowledgeable and kind. They answered all my skin care concerns and the products they use are of high quality. I will definitely be back, for the Perfect 10 Peel.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853678
by Christine Grata - 3/11/2018
The facial was out of this world!! Could tell such a difference after. Took off years!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 869486
by Katherine Doherty - 2/14/2018
I had my role removal here and I saw the aesthetician (sp?) for my first facial about six months ago. I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome of my skin and the removal was painless. I went to look up the phone number here and noticed the amount of negative reviews, and felt compelled to write about my simple, painless, and very positive experience.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853682
by Myles P Kelly - 1/30/2018
Had a consultation! Very thorough ! Very professional!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 869489
by Eddie Daniel - 12/11/2017
Staff is great. Doctors are great. Doesn't look like they get enough good reviews for the work they perform and it looks as if the people who have bad experiences come here and make it look worse than what it is.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853674
by Yolanda Kup - 11/19/2017
Janice Keane NP is great, the epitome of professionalism! I almost didn't come back due to the horrible PA(she didn't even introduce herself for me...
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853767
by Ida Coelho - 11/19/2017
This office the best! I loved every minute of my time there. Dr. Bielinski was thorough and prompt. My concerns were handled efficiently and I was given the correct treatment.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853676
by Mike Houston - 10/27/2017
Ive had two surgical procedures and a couple appointments. Very professional and polite staff. Doctors explained everything thoroughly and they called...
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Testimonial Star Rating - 998430
by Usermycaa - 4/17/2017
I had an excellent experience on my last and first visit at skin MD, Dr. Welsh I believe answered my questions and addressed all my concerns. I just had a deep facial as well yesterday that was excellent. Kara is an awesome esthetician. My skin already looks better. I was offered a full body exam to which I declined since I had one very recent. The doctor visit was brief 10-15 min as expected, Drs are busy creatures with jammed schedules, so I don't know what some of reviews are complaining about it. It can feel intimidating to have your credit card on file, but lets face it. Most of procedures done here unless you have cancer or some "real condition" are consider cosmetic. Therefore not covered by insurance, so you will have to pay for it. Again, I don't see securing payment for something you will be responsible a terrible sin. Of course I do want to be informed of prices and costs prior, which so far I have. You should always ask, take some responsibility, don't sit silent in a chair and let someone perform a procedure without asking the obvious questions: how much it cost ? does my insurance cover this?. Consider Drs time and have 2-3 questions that really are important, Drs don't care about what you read on google, keep it concise you don't need to tell a whole story. Also know who to ask what? thats right, what type of skin do I have and what type of make up should I use? or what moisturizer is good? are probably better questions to a esthetician not the doctor, it seems obvious, but some people don't get that. When I meet my doctor I usually say doc I have 3 concerns, this rash on my face, this mole, this brown spots, I have hx of ... dz and on ... meds,. I never left without an answer, but I use the time wisely and go straight to the point. Anyways, I would give 5 stars but they send it my prescription to the wrong pharmacy, which they have corrected promptly.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1259310
by Stacy LiAnne - 4/6/2017
Great atmosphere great friendly staff great doctors would highly recommend
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853683
by Russell Hook - 2/11/2017
Had an appointment with Dr. Keane. He was very thorough and I was impressed.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047490
by Agatha P. - 2/2/2017
Came in for a facial with Kara...the front desk staff was polite and helpful. Kara did a great job on my facial and she was very friendly. Thank you for such a great experience!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047486
by Peggy C. - 1/14/2017
I emjoyed my visit. Dr. Welsch was thorougg and helped me. I have been suffering psoriasis for 9 years and mothing worked saw him and my symptoms have eased now for a.month. a miracle. Very grateful.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 869499
by Cher G. - 12/11/2016
My daughter recently had a visit with Dr. John Rachel and then had him perform her surgery. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with Dr. Rachel, his staff (especially Alicia & Jenny) and the whole experience. When we went for our initial consulation Dr. Rachel took his time (over 30 mins) examining her and answering all of her questions. The staff was wonderful before, during her surgery day and their follow-up. Dr. Rachel not only gave us his personal cell phone number but he had his assistant Alicia also check with us. Alicia was so caring and went above and beyond with the level of service. I will be visiting Dr. Rachel myself in the very near future. He does impeccable work and his bedside manner is caring and very precise. I appreciate that.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047488
by Nick Z. - 3/20/2016
I would definitely recommend this place to others. The staff were very professional and efficient. An overall positive experience. They explained the whole process and answered all my questions.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047498
by Megan C. - 2/12/2016
Dr. Bielinski and his staff were great. My appointment at at 4:45pm, I was in the room before that and out the door by 5:11pm. They greatly helped out with my skin care needs and found a path that worked.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 869501
by Caroline Moore - 12/12/2015
Dr. Bielinski is my favorite dermatologist. I am beyond shocked about the mediocre reviews for him on here. I have crazy skin issues and have been to dermatologists all over the country, and he has been amazing in helping me with all my skin concerns. I have been an athlete all my life and didn't realize I had athletes foot for the last 20 years until I went to him. My itchy feet are no longer a problem, thank goodness. In addition I am allergic to sunscreen and he has helped me find the perfect products that I can use without becoming an inflamed mess. Being a sun baby from Florida, this has been a lifesaver for me! Lastly, his skin products are great. I will most likely use 2 of his face washes for the rest of my life. They are very light and great for my light acne issues. I swear by these face washes. The everyday face wash called knockout suds is great for makeup removal too so you don't need any other removal product, very low maintenance. The other one I have been using is the exfoliater (I forget the name). It makes your skin super soft. To sum up, I recommend Dr Bielinski for all your skincare needs. He is obviously a family man who cares for each of his patients.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853775
by Lori Harada - 11/20/2015
Dr. Bielinski and his team are awesome! They all have been very helpful and friend. I highly recommend the Orland Park office for any derm work needed. I especially like the SkinMD products.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853773
by George C - 11/20/2015
I saw Dr. Welsch. He treated me very well and gave me insight into my condition no other dermatologist could. 10/10. I am definitely coming back.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 853681
by Jamie Marie - 9/17/2015
Dr Bielinski and Sara Lund Peterson are who I have seen and they are wonderful! Highly recommend
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047470
by Susan H. - 7/25/2015
Everyone here that I've encountered, from the lovely receptionists to the knowledgeable PA-C Sarah Lund and her thorough assistants, have been pleasant and professional. This isn't some bogus skin stop where they'll give you drive-by care. Every question is answered in detail...never rushed or uncomfortable in any fashion with minimal waiting time. Although I come here for medicinal visits, I also take advantage of their licensed, skilled Estheticians. Spa services help keep complexions fresh and at peak health. Jenny heads up Beauty/Skincare Consultations and is truly a delight. She'll address any concerns you have from head-to-toe with a smile and possesses extensive knowledge of cutting edge treatments and their entire line of skincare products; I highly recommend the SkinMd line. The facial peels here provide phenomenal results and many are the same cost as ineffective high-end creams.....only *these* come with amazing results and are custom tailored to your skin for maximum benefit. Your skin is an investment so make it pay off! I have never seen nor have I ever been treated by the male Physicians here. I can only speak of my experience with the female physicians & staff over the years; these ladies are truly fantastic and provide me with skincare that's the best in the Chicagoland biz.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047516
by Smitty W. - 7/21/2015
Great, courteous reception. Clean atmosphere with timely service. Dr. Bielinski was professional and helped calm my worrying about my biopsy. I also bring my son here for acne treatment. I recommend SkinMD for dermatology treatments.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047493
by Lisa S. - 7/21/2015
Great location, helpful staff. Sometimes there is a short wait but Dr. Bielinski always makes you feel like you're the only patient once he is with you.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047491
by Tracey N. - 7/8/2015
Skin MD is a professional and friendly business. The doctors are patient and take the time to answer my questions thoroughly. Dr. Bielinski provided me with products that have improved my skin immensely. The doctors care about the health and well-being of everyone. I highly recommend any person who is concerned about their skin to visit Skin MD.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1047494
by Lori H. - 6/28/2015
Dr. Bielinski and his staff are awesome! They were all very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this office for any dermatology procedure. I especially like the SkinMD products.
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